The Low FODMAP Diet

For many IBS sufferers the developments regarding FODMAPs will be met by a huge sense of relief. It would seem that after years of mystery surrounding IBS, an acute sense of scientific understanding may be on the way.

From the bloating, gas and discomfort, through to the unwanted bowel movements, recent research suggests that FODMAPS at the very least hold the key to discovering the route cause of so many IBS sufferers anguish.

We have included a FODMAP food list on a separate page, along with link to some low FODMAP diet recipes.

What is noticeable is the size of the list of foods to avoid, thus we would recommend that you consider a vitamin supplement whilst working through a low FODMAP diet.

How does the Low FODMAP Diet work

The science behind FODMAP is very complicated, however in simplistic terms the products on a FODMAP food list will cause at the very least gas and bloating.  

These foods are poorly digested and are thought to draw water into the gut.  The net result of gas and bloating may also be accompanied by issues related to bowel movement frequency.

This arises as the undigested foods ferment, and in some cases may cause osmotic diarrhea.   For many FODMAPs have been a major breakthrough.

As the  low FODMAP diet often removes many ‘prebiotic’ foods, whose role is to feed friendly bacteria in the gut.

Friendly bacteria assists production of vitamins, support the immune system and prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

It is therefore prudent to include probiotic supplements or probiotic foods with the aim of maintaining a healthy level of good bacteria in the gut. For a more detailed insight follow link.

FODMAP Recipes

We have an ever growing selection of low FODMAP recipes for you to try.  We add to these nearly every day, and we hope you find something that you enjoy. Simply follow this link to find our recipe page.

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